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Corporate Law and Estate Planning Services in Park Ridge, IL

In addition to real estate and traffic matters, Grcic Law can provide legal advice and guidance to clients seeking corporate law and estate planning services. Danielle Grcic has experience in guiding small businesses through corporate law and in providing guidance for estate planning.

Corporate Law Services with Grcic Law

Grcic Law understands that there are multiple facets of corporate law. The intricacy of the legal statutes that define businesses can feel overwhelming to the everyday dreamer. The guidance of an experienced attorney can make the following business matters easier to understand and execute:

  • Business formations
  • Corporate filings
  • Corporate documents and agreements

Every business will require customized attention to ensure that they are following all applicable regulations. The guidance of a knowledgeable attorney can help everyday dreamers understand the steps they need to take in business formation, filings, documents, and agreements.

Business Formation Services

The Grcic Law firm can inform, guide, and assist clients that desire to form a business. The process for starting a business entity can be complicated, and there are numerous types of businesses, including:

  • S Corporation
  • C Corporation
  • Limited Liability corporation
  • Partnership
  • Non-profit
  • Other forms of business/legal entities

Our attorneys have the experience to guide their clients through the process of identifying the ideal entity type for their client’s business goals. Grcic Law can also advise clients in putting together the necessary paperwork for each business entity.

Corporate Filings

Corporations of all types require numerous formalities and filings to adhere to the Illinois Business Corporation Act. The act works to balance responsibility and liability between the corporation and owner. As a client of Grcic Law, our attorneys will guide you through:

  • Filing articles of incorporation, which include:
    • Business name and purpose
    • Agent name and contact information
    • Amounts and types of stock
  • Structuring and amending bylaws including:
    • Outlining the annual shareholder meeting schedule
    • Deciding the annual board of directors meeting schedule
    • Establishing what situations call for special meetings
  • Creating and maintaining shareholder, board, and special meeting records, including:
    • Minutes
    • Topics of discussion
    • Voting results
  • Establishing accurate financial records that include:
    • Balance sheets
    • Income statement
    • Cash flow statement
    • Statement of stockholder’s equity

While the corporate filing process can seem complex to the layman, Grcic Law is familiar with each step and every form. The guidance of an experienced corporate law attorney, like Danielle Grcic, can save clients from hours of research and confusion.

Corporate Documents and Agreements

Every corporation depends on documents, contracts, and agreements to be able to function legally. These corporate documents will need to be drafted, reviewed, and approved by all involved parties. Grcic Law has experience in drafting and reviewing corporate documents and agreements.

Estate Planning with Grcic Law

Estate planning is another service that Grcic Law offers clients in and around the Park Ridge, IL area. The matter of estate planning isn’t just for seniors; it’s to establish the future of your finances for your family and your business too.

Estate planning aims to protect those assets and your interests through numerous situations that may be out of your control. Estate planning can include:

  • Writing wills
  • Establishing financial trusts
  • Deciding on a power of attorney and potential guardianship
  • Planning for gift and estate taxes
  • Outlining business succession
  • Donating to charity
  • Planning for special needs

Attorneys in estate planning will listen to your concerns and the individual details you provide. Then, they will guide you through the various options that will best suit your plans for your assets. Clients can customize their estate plans for a variety of circumstances.

Essentially, estate planning is planning for the future in a legally binding manner. Estate planning services can help families and businesses alike in numerous ways. Some of the issues that estate planning can prevent include:

  • Probate tangling up your estate and assets
  • Unnamed guardians for minors
  • Lack of a plan for potential illness or mental incompetence
  • Disputes over personal and business assets

The above examples are only a small sample of some of the circumstances that can result from unplanned estates. An experienced estate planning attorney will know how to approach your unique situation, helping clients formulate plans that protect assets and loved ones in many circumstances.

Grcic Law offers clear, easy-to-understand guidance for corporate law and estate planning to clients in and around Park Ridge, IL. The Grcic Law firm understands the importance of clear communication and practical advice in forming corporations and planning estates.

Municipal Law

D. Danielle Grcic has had the privilege over the years to serve as counsel to a number of Illinois municipalities. She counseled clients on the full range of matters arising in Illinois local government, from everyday administrative and essential statutory compliance issues to contract and labor negotiations and complex real estate development projects.

Comprehensive Municipal Law Services

Municipal governments encounter a multitude of situations and issues requiring experienced, skilled legal analysis, counsel, and representation. Mrs. Grcic assist clients with all aspects of government operations, including:

  1. Contracts and procurement
  2. Ordinances and policies
  3. Intergovernmental agreements
  4. Employment policies, issues, and disputes
  5. Labor negotiations
  6. Economic development, including Tax Incremental Financing, public-private partnerships, and general commercial tenancy
  7. Infrastructure and capital programs
  8. Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) compliance
  9. Illinois Open Meetings Act (OMA) compliance
  10. General corporate and board governance matters
  11. Municipal Prosecution

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